Why choose SRTI?

The motivation of the founder

Quality and customer satisfaction in the current real estate world still depend far too much on the individual competence and goodwill of the service providers, as well as their fluctuating working methods.

Although reliability, information accuracy, and customer friendliness are an absolute MUST in the service industry, one meets these features unfortunately ever more rarely with today’s strained housing market in the real estate industry.

No wonder that many are reluctant to buy real estate, although they would like to because of the relatively good return, compared to the zero interest rate on savings today or as an alternative to capital investment and retirement savings want to.

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Unique selling point

Our idea is to improve the quality and time of the real estate business by standardization and digitalization using a network of competent people.

SRTI offers a 360° all-around service. We want to reduce the pressure, as well as the stress of annoying bureaucracy.

SRTI processes run in the background, standardized, led by good management, handled by a well-coordinated team, and, above all, supported by digital and data technology.

This is characterized by punctual, seamless, and consistently high service quality.

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Standardization, digitization, online platform and subscription payment method

Fundamental pillars

Real estate purchases and sales, financing, rentals and management, repairs, building cleaning, to assistance for the elderly, are all handled within the SRTI ecosystem. This ecosystem is based on four fundamental pillars:

1. Standardization

2. Digitalization

3. Online platform / SRTI dashboard

4. Subscription payment method

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What are our goals?

Vision and Mission

Basically, our vision and mission can be summarized in the following way:

  • To create transparency in real estate services and management costs: Through standardization, digitalization, and data technology, we want to make real estate services more qualitative, more reliable, easier, and cheaper.
  • Especially for older people: We want you to be able to live longer and more comfortably in your home or, as an older landlord, to own your property longer or continue to rent it out well.
  • To make real estate accessible to everyone and independent of a location: No matter where you are located, real estate for your own residency or as an investment, should not be a problem for you. Buying, holding, renting, or selling real estate should therefore be easy, digital, and stress-free
  • Our credo: Precious time for the beautiful life, not for the building!

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